Please post here anything else (not relating to Maxwell technical matters)
By Tan Boon Meng
While computer is doing the rendering, surf around and saw this. I missed it... so here you go.

Name: Ben
Age: 36 (after going through the many pages, im not that young!)
From: Sarawak (East Malaysia), stationed in Singapore for now.
Family: Wife, married for 8 years. No kids. 3 Dogs and a cat consider? : ))
Worked with 3d: Since Newtek, Lightwave 3. 10 years ago i guess. Have been doing animation for most of the years but rendering stills (For print ads) are what im doing now.
Worked with Photorealism: Since doing still rendering about 3 years ago.
Why: I love details. I love doing still rendering. Lastly, life has to go on... is about working.
By hatts
Name: Matthew Spencer
Age: 24
From: NYC
Family: Lone ranger in my 3D journey ;)
Worked with 3d: Taught CAD by-the-book in college, which started explorations into polys
Worked with Photorealism: Admittedly, not as long as you folks. First dabbled with advanced render in C4D R10
Why: At this point it's an addiction...
By bograt
Name:Jules Malcomson
From:London, United Kingdom
Family:Only my parents and siblings
Worked with 3d:4 years (1 year professional)
Worked with Photorealism:Since I started 4 years ago
Why:For the MONEY! In all seriousness, aside from it being the basis for my career, It's a challenge. Recreating the world from inside a computer is a very good way to understand it better
By hatts
bograt wrote:Recreating the world from inside a computer is a very good way to understand it better
You're right; I'm actually a little embarrassed about how often I was ignorant of a certain physics concept before encountering it in Maxwell.
By AlexP
Hello Everybody!

Name: Alex
Age: 32
From: Gliwice, Poland
Family: Wife, married for 3 years, baby on the way
Worked with 3D: since about 12 years
Worked with Photorealism: started this year
Why: This is just it!
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By Primus
here i'm ...

Name: Tom
Age: 48 ( ...puhhh....) ;)
From: Stuttgart, Germany
Family: not married yet, living with my loving girlfriend for years, kid´s ? not sure, what happend in my youth ;)
Worked with 3D: since about 15 years
Worked with Photorealism: working for automotive industrie, mostly realtime visualization (virtual reality), working in aspects of digital mock-up, here with maxwell since 1 year (interieur, lightning) for stills and studies
Why: inspiration, creativity, love my job, but life is more than the job

By Kevron
Did not know about this thread before now, so this is me :)

Name: Tor Martin
Age: 30
From: Oslo, Norway
Family: engaged with a lovely girl, we share a little Parson Russel Terrier.
Worked with 3D: several years. Startet out with Carrara, poser and Bryce. Played around with Maya, Modo, Houdini before ending up with cinema 4d.
Worked with photorealism: I am an owner of animation and design studio in Oslo, and we always tries to mix different styles. So our productions are usually a mix between non-photorealistic images and something that looks real.
Why: Jurassic Park, Independence Day and Starship Troopers. Those movies just rocked my world when I was a boy.

Tor Martin
By Hrvoje
Name : Hrvoje Srdelic
Age : 33
From: Zagreb, Croatia
Family : Engaged
3D - 12+ years
Experienced with: Cinema 4D, Mudbox, PS&Premiere, Maxwell, Modeling, shading, rendering, particles, Xpresso, Mograph, TD, scripting, training content (vertex-pusher including free CineMaxwell training), software design&concept modeling, Alpha&beta testing, DB, QA.
Work: At MAXON computer GmbH training content
C4Dcafe administrator
By fcoltro
Name: Fabio Coltro
Age: 29
From: Curitiba / Brazil
Family: Wife and 5 dogs.
Worked with 3d: For hobby about 14 years (since Discreet Max 3 and 4. I was 15yo at that time. Time flies.)
Worked with Photorealism: I follow Maxwsince beta, aways trying out demos and now i get my LE license! Thanks NL Team for that price.
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By seghier
Name: Seghier Mohamed Abdelaziz
Age: 32
From: Algeria
Family: Mother and brother
Worked with 3d: since 2003 (the first time i know about 3D ; i never thinked that exist 3d software :D; i hope the time return to learn more )
Worked with Photorealism: i worked in offices with 3dsmax ; archicad ; i use internal rendering and sometimes artlantis ; than i tried any render engine i found it ;finally i choose maxwell render for create photorealism
Why: hobby like drawing and other arts ; because i love arts and technology
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By joaomourao
Name: João Mourão
Age: 36
From: Lisboa, Portugal
Family: Wife, 4 year old daughter and 1 year old son and a fish called Nemo ;)
Worked with 3d: First with Autocad for DOS, then with 3d studio (still call it that way)
Worked with Photorealism: First with vray, soon after with maxwell's alpha... still trying with v3 ;)
Why: Because "vision without execution is hallucination" by Thomas Edison
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