Please post here anything else (not relating to Maxwell technical matters)
By thomas lacroix
Name: Thomas Lacroix
Age: 35
From: Lyon
Family: my girls (and computers)
Worked with 3d: About 15 years, began seriously ( insert laughs) with infiniD 3.5 if i remember

Worked with Photorealism: in 2020 maybe

Why: to finally evolve toward something else whilst being physically credible and mostly because that's what clients want

who cares anyway :D
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By Hervé
I do care Thomas ! I do.. :wink:

Hello Pierre.. welcome aboard ! :wink: :D
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By bathsheba
Name: Bathsheba Grossman
Age: 40
From: California (well, I'm not from there, but I'm there now)
Family: One husband.
Worked with 3d: 10 years
Worked with Photorealism: Didn't start yet. I keep trying, but have not done anything I'm happy with.
Why: So I can draw sculptures that are impossible (or too expensive) for me to build in real life.
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By VisualImpact
Electrical and architectural lightning provider
Id like to order some of that please :lol:
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By NicoR44
Common mistake :wink:
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By piem

Electric supplies and architectural lightning provider
Is that good ? :)
Anyway, yes I can send you half a ton of catalogues.

(Erco, Prisma group, Dark (Oligo), Delta Light (clearly specialised on aluminium and inox structures and other ), Artemide/Megalit (well known)
Bega, Targetti group etc.. The list is very long and I have forgoten the Sources manufacturer .

I am waiting also for some new designed lights to work with the new Osram mini halogen/bulbs (with reflectors inside the G4 or GY6.35 lamp itself)..those ones are really little and I can expect creations as small as the leds lamps (LEDS are really becoming the "most wanted" )
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By Hervé
mmmm.. Pierre, I believe you wanted to say Lighting (éclairage)... not Lightning (foudre)... :wink:

again Welcome.. ! :)
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By piem
what a moron I am
Thank you for your kindness :)

Hervé; do you say : hsteff or hstaff ??
By thomas lacroix
piem, same thing if someone ask you some light, give fire at your own sake...
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By piem
:lol: ^]^
By pluMmet
what a moron I am
English is my first language and I do stuff like that all the time. I believe my latest was spelling "knowing" as nowing. So please make room for Eric "King of Morons!" :P
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By mashium123
Name: Mesut Capkin
Age: 30
From: Germany (turkish origin, but "grown up" here)
Family: Yes
Worked with 3d: Been 'learning' since about two years...
Worked with Photorealism: Yeah, sure... ehmm.. no, but I try hard
Why: Because I've seen your work!
By catbaby
Name: Olivia Bion
Age: 39
From: Paris, France
Family: Boyfriend, and a cat named Tilou
Worked with 3d: since 1993 with amapi1.
Worked with Photorealism: Maybe this year...
Why: because it's sometimes beautifull.
By jeso
Name: jens kappelmann
Age: 23
From: bielefeld, germany
Family: girlfriend since 4.5 years
Worked with 3d: since cinema 4d r8
Worked with Photorealism: mmmmhhhh....
Why: because i like it :)
By Gerardo Giachetti
Name: Gerardo Giachetti
Age: 36
From: Livorno, Italy, (six years lost in Florence at the university)
Family: Girlfriend and one beautiful baby of 6 months
Worked with 3d: since 1993 with Microstation
Worked with Photorealism: Who can say it? I sure not
Why: because I'm an architect, but above all because i like it
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