Please post here anything else (not relating to Maxwell technical matters)
By fairliearrow2
Name: Andrew Thornton

Age: I am timeless.

From: James Herriot country in UK. These days, Australia.

Family: mostly in UK, aunts, relatives in law.

Worked with 3d: new to it and photorealism. Have studied 2D and graphics design since 2007 [have a Dip of Graphics Design].

Why? I enjoy thinking in and creating 3D. Maxwell Render is blowing my mind. I've never seen anything like it.

p.s my handle is a funny reference to an obscure historical farce. Google Fairlie Arrow if you are curious :)
By fairliearrow2
Thanks for the welcome!

There is a lot in Maxwell Render! I am learning it at Digital Tutors. They cover Maxwell Render 2 versions. Since I have Maxwell 3 there are a lot of GUI differences! I purchased Maxwell to work with Lightwave and Blender which are my 3D programs for creating models. I also use Zbrush.

The first time I opened up Maxwell about a month ago...I mean..whoa...I felt like I was on the deck of the USS Enterprise. It is exciting. There's so much there that it is a bit intimidating. But yes, I am sure that I will have an enormous amount of fun and satisfaction with Maxwell!

p.s I can't help myself.

Who are you?
oo oooo
who are you?
I really want to know...

I promise to not do anymore karaoke on these forums :twisted:
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By Nasok
Hey guys, here is my story :)

Name: Tim
Age: 31
From: Moscow
Family: Divorced ... twice :)
Worked with 3d: from 2006
Worked with Photorealism: still trying to achieve one :)
Why: it gives me an opportunity to create something I'm proud of. Something that could visually give you tactile feel. Which is priceless sometimes.

By mspencer
Hi, just welcoming myself back. User formerly known as "hatts"
New job, new projects etc.
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By stir
Company Name: STIR

Age: 3

From: Oslo Norway

Family: 6 full time employees

Worked with 3D: 3years

Worked with Maxwell: Don't remember exactly when, but a little over 1 year since we first started implementing Maxwell in to our workflow i think.
slowly its consumed more and more of our pipeline and is now our main render for most of our work.

Why: Because the way Maxwell handels lights it gave a more "Realistic" look to what we were rendering in a shorter amount of setuptime.
something we fell in love with fast. That's when we started looking at ways to implement it, even with it flaws at the time.

As you guys might have noticed this is a company account, so we are multiple people using this to trouble shoot and help out.
most of the time you guys will see me posting on the forums.

I am: Mats

From: Trondheim Norway

Age: 25

Worked with 3D: 12 years (Professionaly 4 years)

I am the little techie here at the office, so it usually up to me to fix the problems :D... and when i can't i start bother you fine folks here on the forum
You'll probably find me trolling around in the 3ds max section of the forum for the most part.

I always sign my post with

Thanks, and ill see you all around
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By NicoR44
NicoR44 wrote:
Mon Aug 28, 2006 2:37 pm
Name: Curt (Nico is my second name, I only use it for forums)
Age: 36
From: The Netherlands, near Rotterdam, but here everything is near Rotterdam ;)
Family: Wife Linda (together since 1989) daughter Anne 5, son Tom 1.7
Worked with 3d: since 2000, before that I was a chef at some great Michelin* restaurants here in the Netherlands for over 15 years
Worked with Photorealism: since Maxwell alpha
Why: because I really really love it, and some people even say I'm good at it. :shock:
been working with computers almost all my life because my father once created the first dutch PC the Aster ct 80
Errrmmm... 48 now, how time flies....
By Mike Amos 20191211152225
West midlands
Disabled ex soldier
I am trying to get to use Maxwell and Sketchup as a method of dealing with pain and stress and also to let off steam/distract myself from some of the rubbish over brexit and other ghastly nonsense. I have a small flat that has seven steps from bed to kettle but it means much less cleaning so not really bad. I just like to dream of homes I might have should I win the lottofit.
I can be a difficult person due to difficulties with word finding etc but promise to do my best to be a person worth talking to and interacting with.
It is a privilege to be with a bunch of such fine people from across the globe, it does my 'Trekkie' heart good so it does.
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