Everything related to the integration for form·Z
Normals don't render correctly from FormZ either. No smoothing, so my organic shapes look like badly folded origami, once the noise clears up enough to see polygon edges. Maxwell Studio has a button to recalculate normals, it seems the formZ plugin in STILL unfinished/incomplete.
Yes the FormZ plugin needs Studio to fall back on. Infuriating that Nextlimit changed the licensing to paying for each plugin and for studio separately.
The formZ plugin is basically USLESS for curved surfaces (issues with normals) and does not work with the object 360 renderer.

Regarding “Maxwell Option in display-object 360”: the formZ SDK is not working correctly for Generate Object 360, so we can not support this feature. We have written to the formZ developers asking that it be fixed, or the Maxwell be removed from the pulldown menu.

Regarding the Normals issue, could you please send a file to us that reproduces the issue? Also, a screenshot would be welcomed. It could be the typical shadow terminator issue (at the edge between illuminated and in-shadow areas: https://blender.stackexchange.com/quest ... cts-issues) or a true facetting problem. You can send a download link in a private message to me, if you prefer.

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