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By seghier
I asked the same question before and this is the response of Brany, is it still in TODO list?
and i see you add writeObj many thanks :), is it possible to export scene as exploded mesh in the same obj file?
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from pymaxwell5 import *

def read_mxs(mxsFile):
	scene = Cmaxwell(mwcallback);
	ok = scene.readMXS(mxsFile);
	print ok
	return 1;

if __name__ == "__main__":
	outmxs = 'c:/output/new/a.mxs'
	outobj = 'c:/output/new/a.obj'
	mxsFile = 'c:/input/examples/house0.mxs'
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By Brany
You mean automatically change the width/height internally in the SDK when you change the height/width by code? I am not sure if that is a good idea since most users won't expect that. Those kind of helpers in the UI are meant to make things easy for the user, but I think that bringing that funcionality from the UI down to the SDK can add difficulty instead of ease things sometimes.

Sorry but the camera lock functionality is still in the TODO list. We are planning a big SDK refactor for 5.2 or 5.3, we can add this then for sure.

We can try to do that "exploded objects" for OBJ output for the SDK refactor too.
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By seghier
Thanks, yes changed automatically but with ratio and with lock , without lock the user can use it as it is.
i did that with python but i prefer that Pymaxwell have this as choice .
Can you please check the other thread , i don't know if it is a bug or i miss something
Maxwell tool for V5 is ready except change grass material

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