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By George Lentz 20201016154327
I have started to use Multilight to apply IES Emitters. I am using 3rd party IES files and it seems to be working OK. My question involves the control of the Multilight Group Intensity settings. It seems that the Scene Manager controls Maxwell Fire, but does not control Maxwell Render. Changes in the Scene Manager do not seem to affect the Maxwell Render. In Maxwell Render, I have set the Render Options for Multilight to 'Intensity/Composite' and selected the CPU Production Engine. I have activated the Multilight Window and am able to adjust the slider to change the Group lights. I 'Apply Changes to the Scene' using the Options/File drop down and the changes seem to show up, but very slowly. I do not know if I am approaching this correctly. Is there and tutorial for YouTube educational videos? I have searched the Maxwell manual, help and YouTube, but cannot find anything specifically for Sketchup and Maxell Render.

Thanks for your help,
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