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By Eleman2000

if I use the DOF-button in the Maxwell 4 sketchup plugin and set my near and far planes, the fstop doesn't adjust automaticly in the camera scene manger like its shown in this video on Youtube about camera focus in maxwell 3 or 2 (min 1:09)

Is this a bug of the Maxwell 4 plugin oder did i forget anything else to adjust?

By Alberto Cadahia
Hello Eleman2000,
Looks like the DOF tool is just modifying the Focus Distance but it's not modifying the fStop. I will have a look at the DOF tool's operations that adjusts the fStop and shutter (and ISO eventually) to maintain the correct exposure to be sure what's going on.

I'll let you know when we solve this but it will only be available for the next version of Maxwell 5 since we will no longer releasing versions of Maxwell 4 (Maybe just one more for MacOs).
We suggest you to manually modify the fStop to find the results you seek. And please if you have any doubts in how to do it do not hesitate in contacting us. Fell free to reply with any questions.

Thanks for your post.

By Alberto Cadahia
although it's been published in the 5.0.2 release notes, this has been fixed and now fStop and Shutter correctly updates to adjust exposure with DOF-button.

Pointed out just to inform and close this thread :)


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