Everything related to the integration for Rhinoceros.
I can't found a way to launch an animation with rhino7 and maxwell. Each time the pc is looking for V-ray Node ( i don't use it). And bloque to each MXS. It don't render it but send the mxs without to render it.
I'm forced to do eat manually.
Somebody know where i can force maxwell in Rhino to use maxwell directly?
thx for help,
Hello Vince,

First of all, you have to set Maxwell for Rhino as the Current Renderer.

Then, if you want to set up a turntable animation using, for example, the most to the right tool:

Make sure you set the Capture Method to RenderFull:
Captura de pantalla 2021-12-15 180127.png

Then you only have to click on the Record Animation button:

All the mxs files will be exported to the Output folder set in the Rendering panel > Output tab. If nothing is set there, they will be saved to the default output folder (.\Documents\Maxwell\Maxwell for Rhino\Default MXS Output)

Then, after the exporting phase is finished, a dialogue will come up asking if you want the animation to be rendered right away. If you say so, Maxwell Render will be opened and the frames will be rendered one after the other:

You can also, say no and send the mxs file to the Cloud or the Network.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,
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Hello Fernando,

Happy new year to all Maxwell User's and Next Limit Team !

On the topic of this thread, I'm sorry to tell you that the animation doesn't work...

With Maxwell for rhino plug in ( when you clic on record... nothing happend.
I have just previously create "Animation" directory during an export of simple jpeg in another render mode.
If a choose Maxwell fire, rhino 7 SR14 will crash...

Have you a solution ?

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