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By Q2
Hi Guys...

Just updated Rhino to Maxwell plugin V5. Usually use Studio to set up my materials and lights but now want to give the plugin a try.
SO... How come I can not see any textures in my "rendered view" viewport in rhino?
Scaling a texture (brushed steel) or positioning it is hardly possible. It is not working on my Mac or on the Win X PC.

Why? Is there a setting I am missing or is this just not a feature in the plugin?

And how do you choose which texture you want to see in the viewport if a material has more than one texture file?
(Like in Maxwell Studio you can " set texture displayed in viewports" )

Any ideas ?

Thanks Q!
Hi Q2,

For the moment, it's not great to adjust the Maxwell textures in rhino 6 or 7. If you put your window in render mode (not in Maxwell Fire), you can see some textures from certain materials. It seems to me that to see the texture in the render window, you need to highlight the link to the texture in the rhino maxwell material Editor.
To correctly apply my textures to my objects, I only found one solution: use the alphanumeric UV checkerboard and not the texture itself

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