Everything related to the integration for Rhinoceros.
Hi All,

I am a long time Maxwell Render user, but I have been away for a while as my job did not need me to keep up to date.

I am back and now running Maxwell and Rhino on a Mac. I am having a nightmare with it crashing pretty much every time I try and render. It gets to vocalization and then just crashes.

If I start out with a simple scene, everything goes well and then shortly it starts to crash. I try and backtrack to try and find which bit is making it crash. I thought I had narrowed it down to one mesh, but it isn't that simple.

It is unusable currently. Any ideas?


The current installers have not been tested under Big Sur, so it could well have to do with it.

Also, usually, every new MacOS version has a new "surprise" (a bad one) for the developers, who have to fight a bit to overcome it.

Regarding Rhino itself, of course, I always suggest to keep it up to date, but I guess you do so, as you have upgraded the computer to a beta of MacOS.

Of course, there's a chance that there's a bug in the plugin or Maxwell, so let's check some things:
  • Is it only crashing Maxwell or Rhino too (when using Fire, for example)?
  • Are you using the Denoiser?
  • If you could send the Rhino scene or a piece of it that still crashes to me it could help to debug the issue (through a private message).
Hi Fernando,

Thanks for the help. I updated to the latest release of Big Sur, but it did not help. I understand what you are saying on recent releases (always pros and cons of early adopting).

I will try and put together a model that demonstrates my problem together with the crash notices I get. I will PM you.

I am not using denoiser currently. I am also not using fire much as it slows down my machine too much. I will check if it causes the same issues.
I have made a bit of a breakthrough on this issue. My model was set up with UK national grid co-ordinates - hence the modelled elements were around 513000,139000,50. This seems to be causing Maxwell 5 OSX to crash when there are several elements in the scene. If I move the whole model to 0,0,0 it renders without a hitch.

This was the last thing that logic suggests, I spent ages narrowing down the types of meshes and materials, all the things I thought might be causing the issue. Then chanced on the issue above by complete accident.

It is a bit odd, but I am very glad to have Maxwell working again and it reassures me that running Rhino & Maxwell on a Mac is all OK.

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