Everything related to the integration for Rhinoceros.

finally when I use a Maxwell Material I can see the texture also in Rhino Rendered View. Good for the workflow!

Unfortunately I then adjust the uv mapping with Rhino so it fits my taste, but when I switch to Maxwell Fire the texture scale and position is different.

Dear Maxwell-Team, how are we supposed to work if we want that the texture position and scale does not change between Rhino and Maxwell? Maxwell Fire is nice for Render preview but for real time adjustments of textures I prefere the Rhino Rendered preview.


PS: I use Rhino 6 mac and MW5. Both in the newest versions
PSII : Wouldn't it be great if Maxwell plugin would test automatically if there is an update to be installed just like Rhino?
I think I found the solution:

In the Maxwell Material Editor, in the texture dialogue of the layer you have to open the Texture Picker and select "Use Override Map". Then the texture scale in Rhino and in the Maxwell Material is the same.

Would still love to be able to update the Maxwell Multilight values also in the Rhino File. Is there any option to do that? Now I always write them down manually. I don't know if that is a good way.
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