Everything related to the integration for Rhinoceros.
Dear all Maxwell for Rhino users, Dear Fernando,

Now my PC is equipped with a commercial rhino 7 licence and an nvidia RTX 5000 graphics card under win 10. I remind you that I mainly do product design ... so I want to highlight the details of my products with Maxwell.
If the maxwell for Rhino plug in is set to GPU, rhino continues to crash for simple manipulations ...
The display is a little faster than with my old Quadro K4000 card, but it's still not very reactive and with a level of detail too low to be pleasant to use (with the basic settings, I hear).

I did some testing. I set SL to 20 ... ok that it takes into account.
I would like to set the quality parameter to 15 or 20; it systematically goes back to 2 ... but I just saw that the parameter was limited to 7. set to 7, it is maintained
Then for Threads, I put 0 instead of -1.
The texture on 2048 instead of 512 ... well we start to see the details.

For information, the thumbnails of the materials become all black; it is impossible to have a preview of the materials ... it's not easy

Will we have good news shortly on the development of this plug-in?

The Fire worked so well under Maxwell 3 ...
Personally I preferred a fire that we could not handle directly

I wish you a merry christmas
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