Everything related to the integration for Rhinoceros.
By acrighton
I have both Rhino V5 and V6 installed on the same workstation, and using MR 3 on Rhino 5. After installing V5 demo and had issues with it, uninstalled it but have now lost MR 3 due to license file issues. Uninstalled MR3 (including all license files) and attempted to reinstall everything and reactivate. Portal login is correct and I attempt to enter License Validation Key and it says it cannot be validated. Upon starting Rhino5, I can't run any render job as it needs a license, and get an error of "Failed to Run License Activator". After running licenseactivator.exe, and entering the correct credentials and license key, I still get the same "the license cannot be validated". I am now unable to run any render job . H.E.L.P....
By acrighton
And some screen shots of what I'm getting...
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Hi Alan,
here is my similar problem viewtopic.php?f=140&t=45322&p=398335#p398335 .
Maybe it will work for You. Check Your license file folder and Your licenses on Your computer.
For me it still doesn`t work. If I want to use my V3 license, I have to uninstall all Maxwell versions and plugins (both V3 and V4) from my computer and make new installation of just V3.
By acrighton
Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the response, it appears V3/4/5 cannot coexist...:-) I ended up restoring my "old" settings from a backup and now Rhino V5 and MRV3 are happily working together again, I just can't use Rhino V6 + MR for now. Maybe NL will somehow allow for different versions to coexist, V3/4 on Rhino 5 and V5 on Rhino 6?

I think something is also wrong with NL license validation, no matter how many times I input the correct credentials it would not validate.
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