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By MWags
I am currently rendering an image and have come across something I cannot figure out. The actual rendered jpeg in my Maxwell export folder looks MUCH different than the image in my Maxwell render user interface. You can see the exported image at full res looks much lighter and kind of pink. The image that is still in Maxwell is what I want.

Is it something with Maxwell 5.1?

Is there something in my Maxwell interface settings that is set up incorrectly? Not sure if it is some strange RGB setting or what. But even if I don't change the camera response type or tone mapping color space, the exported still doesn't look the same as what is currently rendering.

Please click on the attachments to view them. In the preview to this post, the image thumbnails look the same, which is not the case.

Totally confused on this.
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Maxwell renders a 32bit image in the render window regardless of what settings you have... At least that is what I have been told in the past when I had a similar issue.

You should not be saving final images in jpg format from Maxwell Render, use something uncompressed like tiff, or psd at 16 bit minimum to get the nearest looking image to what you are seeing in the Maxwell Render viewport.

I have been rendering images in AdobeRGB colour space, saved as 16 bit psd files, all channels embedded in the psd file with great success. Output is very similar to the Maxwell render window and after processing everything, I normally supply a jpg with colour space changed to sRGB for the client, purely because 99 times out of 100 my clients can view the jpg file on their system/device. Clients will sometimes ask for a Tiff file, but that is then saved from the already post processed PSD file.
By luis.hijarrubia
Maxwell allways (well, except on color multilight) renders 32 bit XYZ internally. That's what is saved on mxi. But screens are 8 bit. So the image you see on screen is allways a transformation. Probably the transformation for screen and for the file you asked as output are different. Even if your output is 16 or 32 bit, it have to be trnsformed to 8bit by your image viewer, and that transformation can be different to maxwell's.
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