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By mjcherry
Do Maya lights not work with v5? I'm on OS X so I don't have a v5 plugin yet, however, I am exporting the scene as an MXS to render in Studio v5. Maya lights are not working.


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By Nasok
I've recently exported Maya scene to Maxwell V5 studio with a few Maya area lights (light panels) - works fine.
Altho - I used manually built Maxwell material for those lights with HDR image as a source.

Also, as you know not all Maya light types are supported generally by Maxwell 🤓
Only Point, Spot and Area lights are supported (as upon export Maxwell automatically generated geometry and emitter material for those) - https://nextlimitsupport.atlassian.net/ ... a+-+Lights
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By mjcherry
My problem came when using Maya spot lights. It may very well be a problem I'm having that is unrelated to Maxwell. I find Maxwell spotlights difficult to use compared to Maya's.
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By Nasok
🤔 spot lights - should work fine :)
I never liked them much honestly ... I know they could be useful in some scenarios.
Maya's spotlights have very good position controls with targets and "see through selected" - it is bit more tricky to arrange them in Studio.

What exactly isn't working there ? Emitter Material ? maybe it's the intensity ? or associated textures ?
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By mjcherry
It's been wonky generally. Here is today's issue. I'm pointing the spot light at a specific spot, however, the light is going in a totally different direction (see attached images which I hope will illustrate the issue).
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