Everything related to the integration for Maya.
Trying Maxwell v5.1.1.33 for Maya 2019 and 2020 on Windows 10.
Major bug is spotted right away. When previewing the scene with groups of objects in Fire, their transform is totally messed up.
The bigger group hierarchy is or more root group is moved or rotated - more randomly object fly away from each other, totally ruining the previewing functionality and thus the benefits of Maxwell Fire.
When sending the scene to final render, the result is normal though and works as intended: objects are on their places - same as in Maya viewport.
The example screenshot is in attachment.

Even if you just create 1 cube, duplicate it and move above the first, then make it child of original cube in outliner and try to rotate or move original cube, you get from barely predicted results to totally unpredicted. If you choose Full Restart in Fire it then differs from previous state. The solution found for now is only to totally ungroup all objects, which is totally inconvenient. I haven't seen similar reports from Maya users, so here it is. Please, take a look at this and tell if there is more convenient workaround and can we expect it to be solved soon?

luis.hijarrubia wrote:
Thu Jul 23, 2020 9:40 am
But we know the issue internally and it's reported.
Thanks. Hope it will be fixed in next release, because it's the only issue I have with Maxwell 5 so far.

Custom Alpha huge performance drop is fixed on my dual-cpu system.
Maya crash when bringing back the region render image doesn't happen anymore.

The last thing to check is if the memory is overflowing during rendering of image sequence using Maxwell Render application.
Got same issue here.
It helps if you freeze transform and center group pivot - also you can togle inherit transforms to a children .. but then you'll end up with complex controlls - especially if there are lot's of objects in one group.

Maybe stepping up - like goruping group will help.

So far my only option was to ungroup (my group was simple: Bottle + Cap) but still agree that this is a bit inconvenient :))

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