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5.2 version install problems for R20

Posted: Mon Apr 19, 2021 6:24 pm
by Andyb

Really disapointed - and so frustrated, this is costing me hours and hours.

Download the new install file and right from the off its been a nightmare. I had to skip a load of files just to complete the process (knew something was wrong but foolishly continued), then in R20 plugin is missing - "unable to load the mxcommon library. Please use your installer to re-install" - okay so tried that, again had to skip about 20 files but got to the end of the install, open cinema - same problem.

If I try to open maxwell.exe it says "entry point not found"

Desperate for help - iv re download the install file but no joy - version 5.2.0


Re: 5.2 version install problems for R20

Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2021 9:25 pm
by Christian Zuppinger
Did you contact the official support about this issue? I am also using R20 here on W10 and it seems to work well with version
I have decided to use the "uninstall old version first" option during installation.