Everything related to the integration for Cinema 4D.
I've noticed that fire is not fully interactive in C4D. Is there a plan to improve that in the future? Or maybe I am missing something?
Right now if I want to move some lights (planes with emissive shader) to see results I need to re-export whole scene which makes complete lighting process inefficient.
I understand that maybe adding, removing objects would require to re-export but is it also necessary for just moving/scaling objects?
This worked more interactively in earlier versions, right? Moving objects caused updating of the fire window. This is now described in the help documents as not triggering updates, only changes to the camera, materials and scene parameters.
Just had a look at this in V5: if you use a camera with maxwell tag you can zoom and pan etc. the viewport and fire is automatically updated, but not when manipulating objects in the scene.
But I think it is a pity that there is no update when you add or remove objects and that you have to press the re-export button for that. Can be confusing.
Yes and I think we rly need it.
Imagine heavy scene which takes 2-3 min to export and you want to move some light around.
You grab the light, move it, export scene wait wait wait 2-3 min to see a lighting change.
Can maxwell guys help us and work on it? It's a must have I would say.

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