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Hello Fernando,

I have installed today the new version of MR 5.0.2 and the Cinema 4D plug-in.

This is a strange bug in the preview of any material.
The preview in not-correct.

You can resolve this problem?
Many Thanks,
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Hello Andrea,

I'm not sure if you refer to the material preview you see there. That's a new preview scene intended for testing the attenuation in transparent materials. It's not a good preview scene to test "everything". You can change the preview scene from the material editor: click on Maxwell Material (the root of the layer tree), locate "Scene" right over the Notes section, and change the scene there. If you want to change the default scene used by the material editor you can do it from Cinema Edit menu > Preferences... > Maxwell > Material Preferences > Preview Scene.

If you refer to the material not opening in the MXED (the external material editor), it might have to do with not having the latest version of Maxwell Render or Studio installed (or maybe a mix of new Maxwell version and old Studio one). To fix it, I would download the latest version of Studio, install it, and then make sure both Maxwell Render and Studio are the exact same version:

Please, let me know how it goes.

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