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By jojojoj
Out of interest: Is it possible to render volumes generated by TurbulenceFD in Cinema4D?
Did anyone achieve good results with them?

Edit: Not sure if I properly described what I'm interested in...
-> Rendering tfd-volumes with Maxwellrender within C4D
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By jojojoj
I gave it a try in the meantime and I can setup a volume object in maxwell studio 5 demo (I’m on c4d r21 and there is no maxwell plugin or demo for c4d r21 yet) and import the vdb and the vdb grid I want. When rendering it keeps crashing when preprocessing the additional grid for the UV.
Without the grid and before trying with it it rendered once but as a ‘solid’ volume though with the correct shape. Now after having run into the crashes i deleted the uv and the additional grid entry, maxwell produces an error related to uvs and doesn't start rendering.
Thanks for any help you can provide!
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By Forum Moderator
Hello jojojoj,

It would be interesting to test that .vdb file here if it's possible.

For the .vdb files, it is recommended to launch a render in Maxwell and stop it once it has started. Then you should check the Console to see which grids does that file include, their ranges and the type of UVs required (vector, or float); Studio includes several UVs of the different kinds so you can use them with the different .vdb files. Here is more information about it: https://nextlimitsupport.atlassian.net/ ... olumetrics

In the case of Cinema, you can create a null and assign a Maxwell volumetric tag to it and load the .vdb file. If you launch a render, the volumetric will render black; you'll have to assign a material. The primary field is usually density or d and the rest of the grids can be added below separated by commas.

Anotación 2020-01-23 164209.png
I hope this helps.

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By jojojoj
Hi Fernando,

Thanks a lot for your input. I had checked the manual concerning that problem and did what you suggested for the grids, I'm not sure I got the 'floating' or 'vector' right though...
And checking in Cinema will only be possible with c4d r11.5 and mw v3 for the lack of cinema plugin for mw v5. Will that be comparable for the mentioned crashes?
Can I pm you a wetransfer- or firefox send- link? Vdb is about 500 MB...
Cheers and thanks a lot!

Edit: crosschecked the gridtype and I think I got it right.
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