Everything related to the integration for Archicad.
I hope someone can help me! This is almost certainly user error on my part! (I'm not an accomplished 3D modeller)
I've just upgraded to AC23 and Maxwell Render 5, and I'm struggling with renders having low polygon counts on the curved surfaces. These are documents that worked fine in AC19/Maxwell 3, and I can't see where I am going wrong at the moment? I'm sure it is obvious as well!
Top image is a screengrab showing the issue I have. Below is a previous render.
(I mostly model architectural subjects, these labels are not our normal work.)

Thanks in advance
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Thanks Luis. I am slowly getting my head around this. An ArchiCAD issue I think, rather than Maxwell, but still annoying the AC19 and Maxwell 3 didn't have these issues.

I am upping the segments/resolutions in all the shapes I have used to model these little bottles, which is solving the low poly count. The main body is just a curved wall, but I can't find a way of increasing the segments like I can with any other object. So for this wall it seems to be set at 24 segments, and that number isn't editable.

Hello Mike,

Normally, Maxwell will get the smoothing of the object, but the plugin allows for modifying the smoothing angle for each object form the plugin's palette. If you activate the option "Recalculate Normals" for a particular object, the plugin will smooth all the faces which normals are in a lower angle with their neighbour faces. If you deactivate that checkbox, Maxwell will keep the smoothing of the object.


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