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Path syntax problem on Archicad plugin in mixed network (Mac and PC)

Posted: Thu May 21, 2020 5:08 pm
by Alexander Kuhnert
Hello everybody,

we have a problem with the Maxwell Archicad plugin (version 4 and 5). We use Mac and (recently) Windows computers in our agency, both of which access a NAS system via SMB to reference materials (MXI) and MXS models (furniture, plants, etc.) in Archicad. If you edit the project in Archicad on a Mac or a PC and then want to open it on the other system, the program does not understand the path syntax and you have to select the paths again using Path Fix. This takes a lot of time and also often causes Archicad to crash.

We have no solution for this!
If we look at the full path to the MXI or MXS files in the Finder on the Mac or in the Explorer on the PC, it shows the full path (from the mounted volume to the file). For example:

smb: // "Name of the mounted volume or server" /....../ furniture / armchair /.../ ArmchairGrandConfortReplica001.mxs


If you get the path via the plugin in Archicad, it says on the Mac

volumes / "Name of the first folder of the mounted volume or the server" /....../ Möbel / Stuhl /.../ ArmchairGrandConfortReplica001.mxs


On the PC Archicad displays the correct / full path name as the MXS path name is shown on the Explorer. If you then open the project on a Mac, the complete path is missing, since it is only called "volumes" /..../



This problem also means that we cannot start network rendering in our mixed system, since the referenced files (MXI and MXS via the Archicad plug-in) each cause a syntax error when labeling the reference paths - depending on which System (Mac or PC) starts the render job.

Does anybody experience the same issues?

Best Alex