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By Steve Jepson
Version 5 has 4K compatibility - but it is not 100% functional. The UI text looks good but the icons are fuzzy at the 3840x2160 setting I need to use with my Dell 7720. :(
At least I can read it now. I was not able to use version 4 at all.

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By Steve Jepson
By comparison - this is how ArchiCAD 23 looks on my 3840 x 2160 screen.

By luis.hijarrubia
Thank you for your feedback. We detected some controls issues on 4k on secondary programs too. We have in our mind the need to improve hi-res interface on next versions or patches.
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By Forum Moderator
Hello Steve,

Thank you for the feedback. In your case, I see some strange things compared with what I see in my 4K screen; please, check this screen capture from mine:

4K capture.png
I admit the icons are not crisp in my case, but they are much more blurry in your capture, the Render buttons much thinner and the in viewport text bigger.

Could it be that you have changed the resolution with Maxwell open?
Which scaling factor are you using in Settings > Display?

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By Steve Jepson
My scaling is just Windows default- 250%.

Is there a better setting?
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