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By feynman
Highly useful feature, but it seems to have a small bug.

Import square and rectangular planes of various sizes from CAD. No scaling or other transformation applied in Maxwell Studio.

Create Random UV s and load a 1024x1024px texture, keep relative, texture fills each plane exactly once as expected (by the way, the viewport texture preview never quite matches FIRE/rendering, not just in this case).

Change to 1x1m realscale, which is what I need in my case, select planar projector for all objects. On the smaller square planes, the texture is stretched to over twice its width, on the larger squares and rectangles, it remains 1x1m square as expected.

Change planar projector to cubic projector. The texture is now shown correctly at 1x1m realscale on all planes. Nevertheless, Scale X shows 1.005 instead of 1.000.

Demo file https://www.dropbox.com/s/1z902q43jxx1v ... g.mxs?dl=0
Texture used https://www.dropbox.com/s/mhna6y7dfnnpd ... r.png?dl=0

Thanks in advance!
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