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Has anyone else found that when you chose your output channels in Studio, save, then click to render and MR opens, it starts rendering with a totally different list of channels that I had disabled. Am I doing something wrong here?

It's adding more channels potentially slowing me up when sometime all I want is the render & alpha, not shadow, position, reflectance etc.

thanks all :)
Thanks Luis, I was using denoiser and after altering the settings a bit more I realised that's what it was.

On a similar subject to do with shadows, I have previously had accidentally found some settings that rendered shadows on the subject which in this case is a car as well as the ground plane (like attached example) which I could eliminate on the car by hiding it from the shadow output channel. However, now I want to bring those shadows back but simply unhiding the subject from the shadow channel doesn't change it, it appears as a white cutout instead from the shadow but the car itself doesn't receive any shadows as if the a matte selection is ticked but it hasn't been. Any ideas?
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To me, it looks like you removed the shadow option from the car material instead of disabling/enabling the "hide from camera in shadow channel" option in the car's object properties (Appearance section); however I'm not completely sure I understood the problem. An image of the undesired result would be useful too.

Maybe the documentation related also helps (please, scroll down to around the middle of the page): https://nextlimitsupport.atlassian.net/ ... ow+channel

I've uploaded one of the undesired result of the same view.

One thing though is that the car has about 25 materials and I haven't disabled the shadow individually of any, let alone each material to get make it disappear from the resulting shadow channel. :?

It seems like it must be another setting that is causing this to happen.
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