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By James Linehan
Maxwell render Linux crashing with large scenes on GPU they render find on CPU but I get the “quit” dialog box every time I try to render it on GPU
By luis.hijarrubia
It's possible that large scenes do not fit in GPU memory. We want to improve memory usage and get some kind of memory manager that estimate memory usage so you get a message if it does not fit instead of crashing or hanging out.
By luis.hijarrubia
It works on my PC (GV100, windows). Did not work on Linux machine (1060-3GB) due to memory being so low (but did not crash, just freeze)
I noticed another bug due to this scene, if we set a dome with black zenith and horizon, and have other emitter, that shows an image on CPU but renders black on GPU.
The scene weights about 12 GB on windows, 6 million triangles, and 4k textures (that are sent uncompressed to GPU for better performance). It quite heavy for an standar GPU.
We have planned working on memory usage. And it will improve on dense objects like this one. Also we want to have a memory manager that tells if the scene won't fit the GPU before start rendering.

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