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I have been a long time user on and off since Beta. I have always used Maxwell in Studio. I would save the part/assembly as an .mxs which isn't offered now. However when i try and import an multipart assembly as an .stl it only comes in as a Solid block without the ability to chose components too add material etc.

Any idea if this is an error on my end ?

Any help would be great J.D Hill where are you ? :)
Speak of the devil and he shall appear. :)

For assemblies, it is possible to save each part as a separate STL: https://forum.solidworks.com/thread/164208. You may also want to play with some of the other options in that dialog (System Options > Export > STL format) to fine-tune the export. However, STL is a terrible format, as it does not even support vertex normals, and you may want to consider using something like moi3d (https://moi3d.com) to import IGES, and export nice OBJs from there, though it could get tedious for even moderately-complex assemblies.
Haha !

Hi Jeremy,

I made sure to export as a Single file from Solidworks and it opens as a Solid in Studio.

I can however export as individual files and "import" all of the single files and they open as separate parts - however I believe we will lose the assembly hierarchy.

I will have to play around a bit and see if there is anything else. ie export as .SAT and save as 3ds etc....

However I think this should be addressed as an issue- maybe NL should at least offer an exporter add in for Solidworks

I also have the the V4 plugin at the moment

Lets see what happens

NL do you have anything to offer?
I have just come back to Maxwell after a break, but only having STL's to work with isn't good.
Most of the code must already exist for a simple (and crude, as long as it works) exporter with only enough features to get the model parts from SolidWorks into Studio.

Only other workaround seems to be reinstalling old SW and Maxwell plug-in, importing into old SW as Parasolid or Step and writing out MXS.

GPU rendering is a good speed now, so will be disappointed if export drives me to a different renderer.
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