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Hello folks!
Just to let you know, I published a commercial set of tutorials dealing with the subject of Substane Designer Glass, surface imperfections and surface decorations on Artstation Marketplace.

In truth, it is a big compilation of concept papers, tools, tutorials, examples of glass materials and so forth --- intended to fill a general void on the subject of glass in Substance Designer.

Six tutorials are written for people like ourselves who've never worked with Substance Designer:
  • How to make a generic clear glass material whose color, transparency and shininess can be adjusted in another application, such as in a rendering engine.

    How to make relatively simple surface imperfections for the glass, using scratches, smudges and raindrops as examples. The point of the tutorial is to create scratches, smudges and raindrops whose properties can be adjusted within the rendering engines or other applications.

    How to make more professional, subtle and complex surface imperfections, such as dust and lint for the glass material.

    How to use masks so that the position, color and gloss of surface imperfections can be adjusted in the rendering engine to exactly suit the requirements of a render.

    How to use the special “baking” process for an individual 3D object to take advantage of Substance Designer’s dedicated nodes for surface imperfections. How to use the Triplanar Projection Node to exactly position a surface imperfection, trademark or logo on a glass object.

    Four mini-tutorials describing how to make different kinds of decorative glasses for items like vases.
An end paper on "Getting Glass Into The Rendering Engine"

A bunch of tools to use within Substance Designer to make glass construction easier (stuff like a "Dust Generator Node"),
Some original glass materials, and some examples of how to convert glasses found in the Adobe Online Substance Source Library for actual use.

Maxwell Render is used in various places in the two concept papers to provide examples of importing, conversion, rendering etc., ... along with Max and Maya.

The whole compilation costs $12.00 USD - hope this isn't too much for anyone. The mess is here https://www.artstation.com/marketplace/ ... gner-glass
Five free coupons for the "Substance Designer Glass" commercial product on Artstation Marketplace. Use these only if you already have an account there, because the assumption is that your are going to buy this package, so the Marketplace product would expect you to have an account and would want your credit card info.

Anyhow, if you do have an account there, you would supposedly purchase this thing, and then use the coupon "MAXWELLFRIEND" during the purchase process. The coupon covers the whole price, but Artstation only gave me five of them. Apologies for that.

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