Everything related to Studio
By Andreas Hopf
1. No explanation in the MS documentation what "Linked Camera" icon in the Interactive Preview means

2. When using Interactive Preview and adjusting Lights in the Viewport default Perspective, FIRE renders the Perspective, not the selected camera. Starting FIRE switches immediately to Perspective, not the selected camera, which is impractical

3. Selecting a planar view in the Viewport and then the perspective view does not return to the currently selected camera but the Perspective view

4. Setting an absolute grid does not affect the grid in the planar views, there the grid changes as one zooms in and out. Also one cannot snap to the grid, which is very inconvenient when arranging scenes. The grid in the Viewport is too faint and one cannot change its colour

5. Using the Override Map function, which is very practical, the textures do not change in the Textured Decal mode in the Viewport, which is quite inconvenient

6. When adjusting values, especially those fields from 0.0 to 1.0 like in procedurals, the up and down arrows are very much useless, as they always only increment or decrement in steps of 1.0

7. With FIRE running, the trackpad pointer is very laggy whereas a connected mouse has the pointer moving across the screen controllably

8. In Multilight the comma does not work for entering decimal values, only the point

9. Enabling or disabling a HDR image emitter light while FIRE is on sometimes crashes MR

10. Procedural textures for objects that are "carved out" of an anisotropic material like styrofoam, for example. Now, one has to do that in Maya or Blender, bake the displacement, and then render with SSS, etc. in MS


11. The documentation has no tutorials how to apply subtle imperfections to break up the visual monotony, for example dust and scratches, to objects without UV unwrapping; industrial, product, packaging and transportation designers often not having the time to dive into the intricacies of UV unwrapping


12. "Reset Viewport will reset the viewport to a default perspective view." only triggers "Shaded" mode, but no reset to a default takes place

13. "Clicking any of the other letters will change the viewport to a 3D perspective or an orthographic view" is not available, one has to click the rather obscure icons that also feature no tool-tip hint as to what they are; Maya's space bar view toggle (2D and 3D views) is far more useful

14. "Assigning materials to objects ... Just drag the material name over the object in the Objects List, over the object itself in the viewport" rarely works, meaning only rarely the red bounding box of the object one drags a material over is shown, and instead the material is dropped on the background, if one is present
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