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By Andreas Hopf
Changing a SubdivisionModifier Level sometimes, but not always, turns the FIRE window black. Advancing SLs are shown, but the window remains black. Deleting it and recreating it from the Window menu restores the function.
By Andreas Hopf
It would be very useful if the Viewport render would also display the SL like the always-on interactive FIRE render does. Especially industrial design novices often make a "test rendering" in the Viewport before committing to the final render.
By Andreas Hopf
Often, in the Viewport, a material cannot be dragged onto an object, no red bounding box appears, and the novice drags the material on a background object.

Also, the triangle selection mode is buggy; often one cannot select triangles at all, or the selection goes through the model, selecting unwanted triangles. The manual is moot on how to properly work with triangles, necessary when one gets an all-in-one OBJ from a client.

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