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By Andreas Hopf
As one can see here https://forums.chaosgroup.com/forum/v-r ... post680958 with HDRI & backplate one obtains correct reflections with the objects placed on the ground, apparently with a camera-projected backplate for the shadow catching plane.

How must this be done in MR so shiny objects reflect correctly?

See the reflective sphere not reflecting the virtual ground and the crates' reflections hovering in space .
By Andreas Hopf
Thanks, reflections are rendered and the hidden from camera shadow catcher plane's material has shadows enabled, but I can't find in MS what I do in Vray, meaning how can one project the backplate from the camera so that the shadow catcher plane provides matching reflections in the sphere, like in the Vray kettles? The sphere is reflecting the HDR image in the environment's reflection slot only.
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