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By Andreas Hopf
No matter what seed, some objects always have the same U or V translation applied (I cannot use rotation as the texture has some directionality). It is easy to detect in the final render, because it nearly always affects adjacent objects (here just some boring square and rectangular 1x1 polygon planes). Realscale material with a UV checker texture as stand-in used here.


By the way, having the option like in Vray to "snap" the rotation to 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees could be useful.

A related issue is that, if one needs another projector for a new channel (here, for a weathering effect that must affect all objects), the channel numbering scheme does not generate channel 1 (up one from channel 0 on each object) but numbers all objects' projectors' channels from 1 - 79 (in this case here), so one has to change each object's newly created projector manually to channel 1 (a few random ones already are set to 1, most peculiar). Also, for a realscale material, one then has to put all projectors in the same worldspace position manually, instead of being able to put them all to XYZ 000 at once. All quite tedious.


Here, one can see that if one "zeros" all selected projectors to a certain worldspace position (here XYZ 000), their scale changes, so one again has to select each one to scale it back to the realscale cube scale. Because the Geometry > UV Sets window is tiny, scrolling and selecting all projectors is quite tedious as well. If one only changes the position for all selected projectors, they should not also change their scale.

HD resolution, physical sky, random UVs, MaxwellGrass, MaxwellScatter, i7-9750H, SL 15 06:40

I wonder if it is faster painting a multi-panel Corten steel texture in Substance or Photoshop instead of using Random UVs and the tedious projector shuffle needed here, also considering that random is not quite random as shown above.
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