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By Tea_Bag
Hi Guys,

I created a layout of my desire and saved it in the C:\Program Files\Next Limit\Maxwell Render 5\layouts folder and named it defaultlayout.stlay but everytime I open studio I get the layout that ships with studio! I have checked folder permissions and all is ok :?:

I have installed Maxwell Studio v5.0.1.16 still no change
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By Mark Bell
I've also created a custom layout and it works okay when opening Studio. Maybe cut and paste all the layout files to a temp folder and just leave your custom layout in the folder to see if that works?
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By Tea_Bag
Hi Mark,

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried this and all it is doing is creating a last state layout file :(
Also each time I open Studio I get the prompt about checking out the new demo scenes and everytime I tick the box do not show this message again BUT exiting studio and going back in I get the prompt again so it is not saving anything I set.
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