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By jurX

I only like to ask if there will be a Maxwell Render 6 in the future?
I hope so!

best regards
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By Matteo Villa
I would like to be optimistic but consider the following fact:

1) V4 has been discontinued and the roadmap unfinished.
But we paid for a full finished product.

2) part of Maxwell team left afterwards.
Then they released an official Statement coming directly from their CEO to bring back trust in their company.

They promised huge improvement in development, communication and constant and continuous small release to finally finish the V5 roadmap.

V5 roadmap is partially coming from the V4 roadmap, unfinished too.

Here the CEO letter:


Before a v6 come out I would like to see a finished and polished V5

With support to Ada Lovelace RTX 4000
And an huge improvements over ready to use shaders/object library

Ps: the latest major update has been scheduled and released over 1 year ago.
By Rita Sipos
Couldn’t agree more!

Personally I’ve been using Maxwell since 2.7, skipped v3, but got fooled with v4 and jumped the bandwagon again.

What is keeping me using Maxwell is simple its quality. Having had my own photo studio back in the day and being able to create more or less similar results without camera and lighting was mind boggling to say the least.

While v5 is somewhat acceptable for the moment but the fact that I work on macs is getting somewhat frustrating. I already send LinkedIn message to Fernando to ask if he could share any information about future support for Mac computers. No answer…

So the lack of communication even on the basic level is making me question whether Maxwell is the way the go. I’d love it to be but sooner or later I will have to switch unless a miracle happens.


For those who are interested, this is what I use Maxwell for:

:shock: Just out of curiosity i decided to check this forum again after a looong time and i’m just surprised it’s still ‘alive’! Who are you guys talking to, just old Maxwell users or is there actually ‘engagement’ from the makers? Since i don’t see any roadmap still or any talk/evidence from NL/Anyverse that they’re still working on Maxwell (5 or 6) here’s a question to you guys, quoting the words from the NL Ceo in the aforementioned letter; ‘ For the hundreds of users that are choosing to trust again in Maxwell, we’ll do our best to get your respect back again and have fun.’

How are you guys experiencing the renewed commitment and communication from NL since that 2019 letter? Are you ‘respecting’ Maxwell again and having fun? Not that i’m still using this old software but just curious…
By Rita Sipos
Just bunch of old timers, but being vocal is better than being quiet. And that’s a lot from a Finn :D

Anyways fully agree on what you said, and to answer your question from my personal point of view. Maxwell just simply delivers the quality that I am satisfied with. The rest is just simple ignorance from their side. Illegal even, for example they wrote on the manual that currently Maxwell cloud doesn’t have experience date for projects but in reality it is 1month (run into this earlier this autumn).

So it is a bitter sad situation and yet I want to be optimistic. But not paying for bs and for the lack of basic communication.
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By jurX
Ok, that's all sad enough, because for me Maxwell is still the best Renderer. I use it for architecture and industrial design, and it would be horrible if Maxwell would be unusable i the future! So please, a software like Maxwell shouldn't die! best regards
By Rita Sipos
Yup, no question about Maxwell still being one of the best render engines out there, if not the best. As I said above, the quality of renders Maxwell is able to produce is the reason to stick with it. Simply beautiful and no nodes. Pun intended to Bella render.

But the dev team and management really need to pimp up their game. Just give as an answer to the questions we’ve been asking. Can’t be that much, simple yes or no would do just fine.
Regarding the output quality and Maxwell being the best, still, i totally agree with you folks. But due to the total absence of development and communication i opted for ‘less quality’, but instead proper development and a clear roadmap. I just want to be (relatively) sure my money goes to a future proof product. This is ‘the thing’; Any ceo will realize that communication is the easiest, cheapest and most efficient thing a company like theirs can do to retain loyal customers (see example of former NL developer who started Bella render). The fact that they, NL, chooses not to present any proof of development or roadmap says it all, we’re pulling a dead horse. Just the ‘intention’ to develop and proper communication regarding their plans would persuade me to pay 2 or 3 times what Maxwell costs previously, that’s how good i think it ‘was’. People pay Bella render for licences despite the fact they’re still building the product and don’t even have a finished render engine yet. That’s how good they are in communicating, building commitment and trust, with their users.
But again, seeing NL has not tried in the slightest manner, for years, to inform users about their plans/roadmap towards a new Maxwell v6 (or finished v5) says enough….
Hey, people still drive Saab and enjoy ‘em. I’m driving a Peugeot now, not the best car in the world but service points everywhere, they’re still developing and it gets me from A to B.
Hope you all are still having fun in your Saab!
I’d get one today if there was one word about ‘development’!
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By choo-chee
yeah maybe we're Maxwell "old-timers" (I'm using it since version 1) yet still there's no replacement for the quality and ease of use I have with Maxwell. today you can have many good renderers with quality and assets and GPU yet still for my arch-viz I see that Maxwell is still best. esp. when today's CPU's are soooo much faster so it is a matter of overnight renders to get good images with one PC and not a weekend of 3 PC's for a single interior image :( like 5 years ago. I only think that dev's need to make the app fully-compliant with host DCC apps (I use Maya) so it will be even more integrated with major improvements on workflow itself (I think that unlike 10 years ago when we complained about speed speed speed - today it's less important, modern CPU's are fast) so it will use GPU for much better viewport preview and fire without crashes etc. and maybe let you have some built-in assets (even on a base of get like 5 trees from Evermotion or whoever and if you want the rest buy it, 5 cars , 5 people etc.). I don't use the denoiser anymore as CPU is fast enough today and you also have tools like Topaz and others ... and all the AI engines are still not good enough to replace me, at least.... so I use V4 and hope to see one day in the near future an announcement of V6 with emphasis on workflow and integration. Maxwell is finally fast enough for me :)
By dmeyer
I was among probably the first 50 users of Maxwell publicly, since the original alpha.

I have a huge pile of v4 licenses for my company that we use on rare occasion that we need to re-render an old scene.

But we do not any longer create new scenes with Maxwell, and won't, until and if there is a demonstrated sustained development and support effort. We've begrudgingly moved to Arnold and V-Ray for new content.

This is really too bad as I did love the quality of the output.
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By jurX
I am also a Maxwell user since the Alpha-Version and for me MW was always the most innovative render-engine. I worked with V-Ray, Octane, etc. but I stick with Maxwell until to this day! So Next Limit, I think there are a lot of 3D Artists out there who would be happy to have Maxwell in their production-pipeline.
By Rita Sipos
It’s so nice to see that there still are people whom are passionate about Maxwell!

I myself pulled the trigger and updated my old iMac Pro to Mac Studio, so I am really really hoping that the next version supports natively new Apple chips. Would be a shame to run the Maxwell through Rosetta on this 7k monster :roll:

So as it has been mentioned god knows how my times, Next Limit please don’t let us down.
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By jurX
The Question is, how can a software like Maxwell die?...and if Maxwell die, it would be another proof for a stupid world.

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