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By ki_cz
Hi all,

I'm having trouble replicating this with maxwell:


The material is smooth on the outside, but the only way I can realistically replicate the increasing blurriness with distance is using the roughness parameter, which then detracts from the environmental reflections, although I can get close, it emulates more frosted glass than what is in the attachment.

I can get close with only scattering, but the edges of the leaves are too 'sharp' ... is there any way to achieve this kind of blurriness without roughness?
By ki_cz
Ok, well, after some experimentation I came up with something close, but I doubt it's the best way to do it.

I basically doubled the material on the backface of the glass box (by giving it a separate material ID), and it's much closer.

I'll post some of the results as they get clean enough so people can get an idea of what I meant.

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