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By Raphael Tobar 20191030163818
Hello Maxwell Team,

Recently I've been looking into color systems and ran into NCS Color System. It's a recent development and has already been adopted in some European countries. It is primarily used in interior design/architecture but could be used in other industries. Anyway, what this model does is accurately describe colors based on the way we perceive them - this is based on the opponent-process theory of color vision originally proposed by Ewald Hering. The color model itself is quite scientific in its pursuit of clear communication.

Here's their website: https://ncscolour.com/ncs/

This is a demo of their color model: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwZ0Vwg3CSs

Since this is primarily used in architecture and design, I thought Maxwell would be a perfect rendering platform to support these types of colors and be convertable to RGB and Hex.

I wouldn't be surprised if NCS will work with you. I sincerely think this color model is very important to know.
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By Brian Buxton
NCS and lots of other colour libraries are available as Adobe ASE swatch files.
It would be useful if Maxwell would load ASE swatch palettes into its colour picker.
In the meantime Cinema 4D can import ASE files if you are on subscription via the Cineversity SWIM plugin.
If you use Modo I have a free swatch library on Gumroad that includes NCS and many others.
If you use Photoshop or Illustrator you can get the NCS ASE file here
https://ncscolour.com/design-old/work-d ... dobe-cscc/
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