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By ki_cz
Hi all,

Compared to biased render engines I really struggle in Maxwell with materials for more abstract forms using the combination of attenuation/scattering. I have a pretty good grasp on things like wax/milk, but something like this:


I can't even get close to something remotely realistic. Anybody have any tips?
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By Artistus
Hi! It's pretty interesting. Do you have the model?
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By Nasok
Don't see much difference here from sss or frosted glass (depending on how much hue / surface) you want to maintain ...
I'd go with "frosted glass" setup to start ... and would definitely add sheen via R2 .. plus normal map (for big imperfections) ... + roughness map (for smaller imperfections)

Now - coloration - that's tricky - I believe you could go with a few separate group sets .. each will have a little variance within the hue range (purples, violets, blues, etc) so that they aren't very random .. and yeah - random colour (for attenuation) will do the rest.

For 3D model itself - I'd do it in Maya ... pretty straightforward ...actually few ways you can do that .. from simple particles ..to say MASH (procedural) ... you can grow them on path or fill the volume, or create a sett of attractors / fields .. depending on how "art-directable" you want it to be :)

Cheers :)

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