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Ah, yes, OK.
Just so you know, when I opened that thing in MAX, it does call for something like 20 plus different materials. That is, it presents a panel listing the materials it is calling for and giving their paths - but of course, the materials directory is not present, so those path links are presented as being broken.

Sorry, this didn't work for you.
well I'm about to give up on this project. can't seem to make it work, even I have the patience to sort things out Maya crashes when trying to render the scene.... I've cleaned the model even more using max but I don't have maxwell for max so I can't try and make an MXS out of it to try and import it to maya... U've uploaded the lighter Max model - if someone can help me it will be great !! I think exporting an MXS from Max is the best way to get only important stuff.
https://www.jumbomail.me/j/zilrVYVi8kSO ... 72696F5336

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