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hi all. back in the days you could do it yourself but since licensing is changed, I need some help. a client sent me a 3ds Max file which is very big and I can't export it to maya (which is the app I use). I used to just export it as MXS which is a solid conversion but can't do it anymore as I don't have a license for maxwell for max... so I hope someone can d-l this file from: https://www.jumbomail.me/j/_soo3php1U2r ... 72696F5336 and see if they can export it to MXS version 4 and maybe I can open it in maya. thanks for all :)
What if I try to take it directly from Max to Maya for you? Would that work for you?

Hmmm, it certainly is a big "mutha", and it is missing all the textures, but I guess you know that. 8678 sub-components or "entities."

Hmmm, it won't go directly to Maya, but I am passing it through *.fbx and then into Maya. Another thing I can see is that a lot of the sub-components have hebrew characters.

Still exporting .....
This guy is more or less stalling out my machine, and I have a decent sized computer. Still is "exporting" to *.fbx.

Still working, but just very slow - alot of tiny objects to export, it looks like.

Any chance you could ask your client to package this in smaller rational components? Because I'm not sure you're going to get this into Maxwell easily.
On my second try to bring it into Maya, it is working better. I got rid of almost every other CPU process so that Maya could have all my computer resources. I think this one will succeed, and I'll post both the Maya and the *.fbx. But be prepared to walk away from your computer for a long beer or something while it loads.

Right now, it is at 2% of the last "cleanup" stage. So, it will be another 45 minutes or so before I have it ready for you to download. I think the *.ma is the wisest choice here.
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