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By choo-chee
Well I've looked again and again in NL website and cannot see why should some one like me (with V4) should upgrade to V5.
GPU is not usable as I'll need to purchase incredibly expensive graphics cards and I can't put 1000's of $ in that.
Other features are not that needed by me (light groups for example).
Only one feature really caught my interest: the cloud rendering. But I couldn't find enough info about it:
* what is the price?
* I assume it's CPU based, so how much time a typical render takes?
* I tried the V5 demo - and it renders V4 scenes. is it possible to have the service for V4 clients ?
thanks !!
Maxwell 5 is a hybrid modeler so you are right nVidia RTX cards are expensive but any CUDA card can be used to clean up the noise faster as well as rendering. :? But the cloud rendering is CPU (96 cores) and it is available in batches of 10hrs ( 40 Euro ) and it ONLY for v5 - or later and there will be some new features for v5 soon.
choo-chee wrote:
Mon May 11, 2020 8:00 am
I think I'll wait a bit more than.
5.1 is on the oven. Check if there is something there that fits you. On the cloud side, we are thinking on develop multi-server cloud to really make a speed diference. Hope to have it this year.

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