Everything related to Maxwell Render and General Stuff that doesn't fit in other categories
Light Passes, Light Paths ..or even AOVs (Arbitrary Output Variables) do exist .. and v-render is not the first / last one to "introduce them" .. it might be new for them tho.

For instance some other engines they even have AOVs per light :o . Which is handy for heavier post production / VFX) - in terms of Maxwell - this would rather confuse people and task developers with developing a feature that is unlikely to be even used.

And I'm sorry to say but you guys know that everyone here is mainly not because of multi light (altho it could be super handy at times) - but rather because of some other things 😜
I truly think Maxwell is better, yet dev is going by the pace of the CPU render ;) so I feel like I'm gonna find myself one day learning a new engine because of that...
and GPU is useless because of RAM consumption (a typical scene - at least for me in arch viz - is 20+GB of ram). Really wanna see faster CPU speed or better ram handling so Maxwell will stay on top allowing me to stay on top :)

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