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Hi everyone,
I am really fan of Maxwell Render, its quality, simple of use, multilight feature. I would like to invest in 5 version, but after I run some GPU tests I have big concern if GPU render would ever be usable...

I dont know why, but GPU always produce some or tons of white dots, flares especially in interior renders. CPU is super clean while GPU gets additional noise every next SL instead of cleaning. Materials are simple, mostly 2xBDSF, whites and textures are maxed at 235 235 235 whites. Ilumination made by circular planes. In my opinion there is something wrong with reflections, they are less dense, like calculating only 1/100 samples with gpu, with bad precision. I am not able to do anything with that results.

Also, I think, good improvement would be "invert normals" option inside plugins. Making hidden emiters or grass in sketchup would be much faster. Right now I have to rotate planes so they can point light or grass in right direction...

About denoiser - would be great to add some denoise strenght settings. Right now denoiser produces super clean images that are wiped out from detalis, especially on wood or fabric textures, even using 8k textures.

Below are SL 18 renders CPU and GPU.
CDRDA wrote:
Mon Mar 30, 2020 7:41 pm
That's great news, as I have been experiencing this even with external scenes and especially when using metal materials.
Well, there are fireflies for several reaons. For 5.1 we catched some of them (for example AGS near spotlight or IES). Some of the fixes will probably be on first patch after 5.1. But fireflies will improve a lot before summer.
Well I did another test and sadly I see no improvement. I also noticed diffrent light power when using CPU or GPU. All lights are loaded via mxs refrences (lamps are in another mxs). Image is noisy even when there is only one, single white material...

ISO on CPU is 200, on GPU is 400. Rest of settings are same.

5.0 CPU

5.0 GPU

5.1 GPU

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