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hi all. I need some advice: most of my scenes demand 10 or more GB of RAM (not mentioning scenes that use the denoiser). many of my interior or exterior scenes also use maxwell's grass. as for now I understand that maxwell is not using out-of-core memory handling so actually, is there a point to upgrade to V5 for me? as display cards of 12 GB ram and more (got scenes using 20+ GB ram) are very expensive...
i dont know, i dont wanna look like the usual guy who bashes maxwell, i love it but honestly after i tried v5, there are some things like the quality output (cpu gpu comparison) and the out of core memory that doesnt really appeal me.

Considering i have a redshift license and considering there are out there so many faster and great looking engines, with less headache, i am on the verge of just stopping using maxwell.

i dont think its wise for you to upgrade if you do not invest heavily into GPU rendering and hope you dont have bottlenecks/technical problems which usually are slow to being dealt with at next limit.

I woul have expected a more innovative render, not just "another gpu render".
gpu rendering is already out since years now, i would have preferred a super fast FIRE and interactibve render in GPU that gives you the most realistic preview you can possibly imagine, then still render in cpu.

Rendering in GPU nowadays requires a massive amount of memory because scenes simply became more and more demanding and crowded and filled with geometry.
So unless you use an out of core technology on a render engine, rendering with just GPU internal memory is a pain, unless you are ready to throw lot of money at it.
I have better feelings about GPU rendering. Every years we have cards with more memory. Today we have known that Xbox One Series X will ship with 16 GB (real 10+3.5 for games, 2.5 for system). So I think we han spect 12-16 GB cards to be regular size next year.

Anyway, we are working on reduce memory usage on GPU. We are aiming it for Maxwell 5 second mayor version. It is not out of core, but scene size it's one of our biggest concerns.
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