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Volumetrics - "beware of" tip

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 5:12 am
by Mark Bell
Something users are probably already aware of, but worth highlighting for those, like us, that only use volumetrics occasionally -

The Opacity Appearance on a Maxwell Volumetric was inadvertently changed from 20 to 80 along with a number of other tweaks in the scene model being worked on in between other projects. A week later when creating a new render the image looked like it had been done in v2 or 3 and had a lot of grain even though the SL and render time were the same as earlier renders. The lighting quality was also subdued. After trying to recall what settings had changed and reverting them with a test render to check, volumetrics was the culprit. If your model includes volumtrics and you've made changes to a scene then notice the output quality drops off dramatically, check the Object Parameters/Advanced/Appearance/Opacity setting isn't too high, ie. 20 or less might be a good value?