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By bobross
Not sure if this is engine, CPU, GPU or Dual GPU related.

I downloaded the scene https://rayflectar.com/p05-Misc/files/T ... nStress.7z (Light Distribution Test )
from https://rayflectar.com/p05-Misc/misc.html

Using 2x1080 NVidia GPU after it get to SL 22ish the Time Left starts to freak out and keeps resetting each .xx SL update.


Just came across another strange issue...

Rendering in dual GPU with this scene https://rayflectar.com/p05-Misc/files/G ... ion(01).7z (Metalic Object Caustics)

The render starts normal. Around SL 22 output window starts scrolling really fast. The time left went down from about 1 hour left to 34 seconds but keeps resetting. Also the Render complete % bar is jumping back and fourth now e.g 95%, then 97% then 95% again.

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