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By mtripoli

I'm having an issue that I thought I had figured out, but giving me issues again. It's applying materials to features in SW. (SW2015 Premium, Maxwell all up to date, v3). I've attached an image that shows the issue; the text all has the same material applied (a simple black plastic). I've tried:

1.) Completely removing all materials at the part level, then applying the materials to the part (text merged and unmerged, doesn't make a difference).
2.) Doing the same as above, but at the assembly level.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/sov76jxg8csoy ... 0.png?dl=0

No matter how I go about it, it seems that the text doesn't want to take the material. Any suggestions?


Mike T.

P.S. The image got broken when I tried to use the image tag with Dropbox.
I discovered the root of the issue for me; when applying materials, if one selects the feature from the model itself, or drag the material to a feature, it works fine. If a feature is selected from within the Feature Tree and then apply the material to the highlighted feature, it does not "take" the material. I'm not seeing why selecting a feature from the model itself vs. selecting from the Feature Tree should make a difference. This came up for the text in the image I posted; if I select from the "tree" I can select all the text at once, otherwise, I have to go in and click on every text letter individually...
By JDHill
Thanks for the details; from the plugin's point of view, it is not aware of the method by which the current selection may have been made, so I don't immediately see how this can be improved, but I'll look into it anyway.
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