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Nothing that makes the plugin unusable, but there are a couple of problems I am running into that have been carried over from the previous release.

The first is the most annoying. If I have a grouped object with more than one material applied to it, FIRE will render that object and any others also with more than one material completely white- or I am assume the default material. Initially FIRE renders everything correctly, but this will be triggered and is repeatable every time, when I make a change to the environment, or camera settings. Needless to say this is very time consuming and often means exporting to Studio to do the testing there, then applying the settings back in SketchUp.

The second is something I mentioned to JD about a long time ago. For some reason after using FIRE, attempting to do a full render will create the mxs file, but no render starts. The workaround is setting Cache policy to "Invalidate", or "Prompt", but I was wondering if this and the issue above are linked?

Overall everything seems to be more stable than in SU2018 and I am much relieved that I can now rename a material without having to re-open the scene to access the mxm properties in the scene manager!
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