Everything related to the integration for SketchUp.
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By AndreasAM

Is there any indication for an plugin update to the new Sketchup version 2019?
I have also posted some questions and opinions in my support portal regarding the Sketchup/ Maxwell plugin, some days ago, as an answer to your request

Perhaps you could look into it again?

Thanks, regards,

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Hi Fernando,

I logged in to ask this very same question! Good news that the plugin will be updated to work with SketchUp 2019... Previously we have waited a month or so for it to be released IIRC, hopefully it will not take a huge amount of re-work and we can look forward to a similar time-frame, if not quicker. I also hope that the issue of renamed materials not able to be edited has been addressed! Link here to original thread: viewtopic.php?f=154&t=45046.

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By AndreasAM
Hi Fernando,
Thanks for the quick update, will wait for the update in anticipation!
My casenumber is #00025707 , would appreciate a reaction on stated experiences, problems and suggestions for improvements on the Mac-plugin, as you asked me.


Andreas Meulenbroek
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By Forum Moderator

It's already out!

You can get it from the portal as usual. It was a bit tricky to find the cause of the problem until we found out that it was acting differently on a plugin in Spanish (which was not loading the plugin) than one in English (which was working fine). For some strange reason, the ruby files were not the same in both versions.

Anyway, it's finally out.

By designo
Thanks For the Update, Is there any plans to make the plugin in Ruby Language?, so it will be compatible with Skatter and transmutr, you will gain more customers by doing this because maxwell can beat Thea in all the aspects.
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By Forum Moderator
Yes, our next step is to make it in Ruby; we also wanted to add some things that are missing like custom alpha channels and stereo lenses.

We also have in mind to create specific lighting objects that are easy to add to the scene and edit.
Also, I think it would be interesting to have clipmaps for the different material characters, being able to save and load grass presets and camera settings,...

Well, the list is long.

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