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By Playtime Architecture
Hello all, I wonder how you manage to use the HDRI skies in SU, since the Scale UV and Offset UV are way not obvious to use and there is no way to control quickly what setting does what etc...
I usually set up a mock up of my final modelling with a very simple volume in another SU file that has same location settings, and use HDRI in all slots, moving UV settings until the height of the HDRI horizon and the rotation of the sun suits the scene i want. I control each time with fire and this saves times but it is still pita to do..I know there is limitations in SU but well...this could be improved much!

All the tutorials I have seen don't really adress the matter or use old versions...Would like to know how you proceed! Thnx
Btw JD, if there was a switch that could lock settings so when moving a UV in Background it moves the whole other ones ( reflection/refraction/illumination) at the same tremendous time!


By JDHill
Regarding the question of locking settings, if you set the refraction/reflection/illumination channels to use "Background" for their source, then along with using the same image, they will also use the same scale/offset/etc values. Not sure if that's what you're looking for though, since it is the default (and there's currently no alternate facility for locking their parameter values together).
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By Mihai
Well if you use HDR as environment, then it doesn't matter where the location is?

And the scale, and U/V - scale you shouldn't touch. It will distort the HDR and/or make it tile so it will screw up the lighting. For U/V it's only the U that you should use in order to rotate the HDR around the Z axis (I guess is the up axis in Sketchup). I never change V values because I don't usually have it visible in the background, I render with an alpha channel and paste in a regular sky image later.

So in your case, why not just start FIRE with your regular scene and start changing the U value? FIRE will update almost instantly when doing non geometry changes so it's not necessary to first create a low poly mock up scene.
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