Everything related to the integration for SketchUp.
By Mike Amos
I have been through to support and they appear to have vanished into the either. I have nothing in Sketchup 2017 and am unable to find the Maxwell for Sketchup exporter for Maxwell 4.1, rather than discuss terminology, can anyone suggest where I can find the updated exporter?
By Playtime Architecture
Hello Mike
I believe the 4.1 version has no exporter as a stand alone plug in. You need to install the full 4.1 version for Sketchup in order to have the plug in installed.
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By Forum Moderator
Hello Mike,

Please, notice that now in V4 the plugins are sold as separate products. So if you want to use the plugin for SketchUp you have to buy Maxwell|SketchUp; it will include everything but Studio (Maxwell Render, Mxed, Network System,...)
I should contact Sales department if you didn't buy what you wanted.

Best wishes,

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